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HAKI roof systems

HAKI roof systems for temporary roofs

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Protection and flexibility

Ashton Scaffolding uses the HAKI temporary roofing system for weather protection and containment. HAKI roofing systems are world renowned in the industry, enabling construction work to be carried out whatever the weather.

The flexibility of our HAKI systems means that they can protect any construction project. Aluminium bridging beams can span up to 45m with Keder tracking sheets attached, secured and tensioned at each end.
Sheets can be removed and replaced for building materials to be lowered into the roof space - allowing for continued weather protection.

Are you looking for a temporary roof? We provide our services in the South West, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, South Wales, Somerset and the Midlands.

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Advantages of the HAKI roof system:

  • Effective weatherproof seal
  • Up to five times faster to install than traditional structures
  • Economical
  • Ridged, mono-pitch or polygonal roofs
  • Effective for both large or small spans 
We are the approved HAKI installer for the South West
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